Honey Full frame of Raw Comb

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If you love honey and feel a bit more adventurous this untouched and ready to munch honey is one of the most natural food source you can eat. You get the whole frame straight from the bee hive which has been sitting there with the honey bees working hard to fill this with honey for you. The wax is edible and there are no special storage requirements keep this in the box or wrapped in the cupboard it should technically last forever however we recommend use within 2 to 3 years (if you like us it lasts a couple of months tops!)    


Popular as gifts for the honey lover or for something a little different as a frame of honey is taken from the hive in its most natural state. Ideal on hot toast or used as a natural sweetener. The wax is edible and may contain bee pollen which is known as the most complete food containing the richest source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural antibiotics. 


Approx weight 2 2.5kg 


As will all our honey products these are not suitable for children under 12 months - it's so worth the wait though! 


Delivery / collection is estimated in the summer once the bees have been working hard to fill this up for you. We notify you on progress and get this to you as soon as it is ready. 





    How to eat this Comb Honey 

    The best way to eat this honey is by scraping each side of the comb with a knife or spoon. Ideal on toast or used on fruit, breakfast cerial or yoghurt as a natural sweetner. We love it on soft cheese too!


    How to store this Comb Honey

    Honey will last forever that is of cource unless you eat it first! However to store this honey we suggest you keep it in a warm and dry place. If you wish to keep it for longer periods without granulation taking place (this is a natual process), keep it in the freezer. It will thaw back as runny honey.  


    We love that local people love our local honey and even more so when our honey is loved from afar too. We are always happy to ship within and outside of the UK - postage costs will vary accordingly. Postage is proced at UK only please email us if your ourside of the UK to clarify shipping changes.  


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