Local Raw Honey Hedgerow 2020 400g

Local Raw Honey Hedgerow 2020 400g

SKU: Spring Honey

Our raw local golden set honey made from the nectar and pollen of a variety of flowers across Bolsover, rich in rural heritage containing blossom pollens. It has a taste that cannot be confused with honeys found in most supermarkets which are oftern "blended". The colour of our raw local honey will vary in tune with the changing seasons and the flowers our bees feed on but predominantly will be a rich, intense aroma and amazing flavour.


Honey starts off runny, but most will set depending on the type of pollens the bees have been feasting on. You can make it runny again by removing the lid and place in microwave on low for short periods until it is lukewarm and runny again. Or pop in a low oven until runny.  


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