Bee Keeper Experience!2020 bookings

Bee Keeper Experience!2020 bookings

Ohh-Bee-Hive Bee Keeper Experience


Following the developments of COVID-19 we all share the difficulties and disruption, despite this, it’s humbling to see everyone, businesses and communities working together to overcome these difficult times. Here at OBHQ we like all businesses have made adjustments and adjusting where we can and following the latest information closely. We are mindful the Bee Keeper Experiences are due to start soon. So following government advice we will need to suspend these sessions until we know more. Once we are safe to do so we will continue with the date set if this is possible or reschedule with you. We thank you for your understanding in these unprecedented times.

Continue to keep safe and we look forward to seeing you soon

Best wishes Jess, Paul and the Bees



Booking being taken for 2020 'Ohh Bee Experienced!' A day in the Life of a Beekeeper.


A gift pack presented with some complementary bee stuff.

This will take you inside a working beehive to discover the world of the honeybee and its social structure, the Bee Hive and a description and demonstration of the tools used. You will be introduced to the keepers best friend too ...the suit! And get to wear one
The experience will include:
Handling live honeybees
Inspecting the inside of a beehive
Understanding how a beehive works
The do’s and don’ts of beekeeping
How can you help save the bees
Light refreshments will be provided

The event will definitely feed anyone’s curiosity and interest in bees but also in the wider natural world, and may even inspire you to take up beekeeping. This is a superb gift for a loved one who has a curiosity with Bees. Our parting gift on the day will be a taste of ‘Ohh Bee Hives!’ 100% Raw Local honey.

Please wear long-sleeved clothing, trousers, wellies or sturdy boots. Do not wear perfume, drink alcohol, eat bananas or work with animals prior to attending. If you use reading glasses, please bring them with you. Protective bee-keeping clothing will be supplied.

Spaces are limited and fill quickly, so book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

This amazing experience will last for 2 hours and we have three slots available on the second Saturday every month thorugh out May to September.

Ohh Bee Hive put both visitors and bee’s welfare first so therefore reserve the right to alter times and days of arranged visits dependant on weather and other factors which pose a risk.